…what makes it so captivating to children? Is it the tools? Cameron and Myron would say so. Is it the demolition and rebuild?Owen would say so. Is it making cookies for the workers? Ellery and Ally would say so. Is it the eating of the cookies? Rowan and Jack would say so. Is it the ‘new bigger school’? Aiden would say so. Is it the new water pipes? Peter would say so. The children at Westside are just as excited as we are about the loud bangs, core drilling, assembling of pipes and wall construction that they have experienced in the past week. We all come in every morning enthralled as to what is happening with the construction!


October 11, 2008. Construction. No Comments.

Construction has started - YAY!


The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what this post is all about. Demolition is complete and the walls started going up. Better yet, the 1987 fuchsia and turquoise motif of the old space is almost history - there were three dumpster loads of junk. Actually, it’s not “junk” in 2008 it’s “good used materials that will be sorted, recycled and put to use” - by someone who actually still likes fuchsia and turquoise cupboards.

Follow along with us. When this is done, we’re having a party. So, keep your ear to the ground for details.


October 11, 2008. Construction. No Comments.