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Information Evening, Thursday, January 29th - 7pm

On Thursday we are having an Information Evening. Come in, meet us, have a tour and find out everything you need to know about Westside.

A few spaces are available for the September 2009 - 2010 school year. Registration begins on Feb. 1st.

RSVP at info@westsideschool.ca, subject Information Evening.


511 Richmond Street West.
Not sure exactly where? Go to our site and click on the ‘Contact’ gear. A map is available.

Thursday, January 29th


Childcare available upon request.




See you then.

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“What did you do at school today?”


This is a question parents often ask their children at the end of the day. The common response is “nothing” or “work” and that is pretty much all of the information the children divulge. So what do they really do here? This week we hosted a Curriculum Evening for the parents to come in and actually see, touch and work with the Montessori materials. Everyone had a chance to witness first hand what their children do at school. Liz and Allison were on hand to not only explain what happens throughout the day, but also give lessons to parent volunteers and answer their questions. The evening was a great success. We are happy that you have now had the opportunity to have a glimpse of what happens at Westside. If you have any comments on how we could make this evening more informative next time, please feel free to email us. Thanks to all of you who came out on Wednesday night.

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“I have the life of my school on my computer” Ellery, age 4.

In this age of technology, I find Ellery’s description of WMS’ blog extremely accurate. Last week, she was telling me that when she is at home, she looks at her school, her friends and even herself on the computer. “I even see me! Helping Ally put on her shoes!” We at Westside hope that you all feel as excited as Ellery about being able to follow what’s happening at school from your homes. As evidenced when we showed the children the slide show we made last fall, they love to see themselves onscreen, so please share the WMS blog with your children.

I’d like to update you on the goings-on of our Casa classroom. This month, we have welcomed two new children into our community: Jones and Zain. Jones joined us last Monday and is settling into his first school environment really well; he loves washing his dishes after snack! Zain just arrived in Canada from Egypt last week and is more excited than anyone I know about shoveling snow! We warmly welcome both Jones and Zain, along with their families, to our wonderful community.

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Back in the groove!

The toddler and Casa classrooms welcomed new students this week. Remarkably these new friends have settled in with ease and we are all very excited and… photoTalasJan10.jpgphotoJasper1.jpgphotoJonesJan10.jpgphotoJunyaJan10.jpgphotoCameronJan10.jpgphotoAidenJan10.jpg…busy getting back into the swing of things.

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