Earth Day at the Farm

A farm in the middle of the city…how perfect. On Wednesday April 22nd we all got a chance to step out and enjoy a trip to Riverdale Farm. Just a few short streetcar rides away from school we discovered horses, goats, a mother pig, a donkey, chickens and GIANT chickens (also known as turkeys). We witnessed a farmer milking a cow (some of us for the first time!) and the rain held off just long enough for us to make it back to school in time for lunch. The afternoon nap was epic…

Monique (Jones’ Mom)
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bon appetit

Thanks to Lulu and Lisa from Real Food for Real Kids, our catering company, for last Friday’s informative and fascinating discussion. Parents who joined us for the event had plenty of opportunity to ask questions regarding their child’s appetites, reactions to foods and behaviours towards foods and mealtimes. Lulu, the founder of RFRK, shared her expertise with us through talking about the history of her company, their mission and how they ensure the foods they purchase are safe for the children and free of preservatives, nitrites, colourants and other additives we all want our children (and ourselves) to avoid. We’re thrilled that so many of you came out for the event and we hope you learned a thing or two, we know we did!

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A Lot of Rhythm and A Lot of Fun

On Thursday we were lucky to welcome Rick Monaco into our school for a drumming workshop.
Rick is an accomplished drummer/percussionist with Primal Productions, The Subtonic Monks, Agoya and also works on many projects of his own, one of which is teaching workshops to children of all ages. Rick is dynamic, energetic, and wonderfully captivating. He read the group with ease and took them on a spectacular drumming adventure for well over an hour! The children thoroughly enjoyed Rick and his drumming art, to the point where one child was chanting at the end ‘No all done! No all done!’

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Spring Cleaning at it Finest

It seems as though the Spring has arrived and everyone in the toddler room has the fever! Recently Yonina and I have noticed that many of the children are quite focused on and excited about cleaning their environment, whether it be folding the laundry,
sweeping the floor,
washing tables, or chairs,
or even cleaning the windows!,
Practical Life is a key component to any Montessori classroom. Practical Life exercises are highly valued in the Montessori method due to the importance that they have in teaching the children useful life skills. These activities also have a strong fine motor component and so are valuable in developing and extending children’s fine motor abilities as well as their cognitive development. The basic aims of all Practical Life activities are to assist in the development of coordination, concentration, independence, and order.

Montessori said it best:
“But the children seemed to demand some conclusion of the exercises, which had already developed them intellectually in a most surprising way. They knew how to dress and undress, and to bathe, themselves; they knew how to sweep the floors, dust the furniture, put the room in order, to open and close boxes, to manage the keys in the various locks; they could replace the objects in the cupboards in perfect order, could care for the plants; they knew how to observe things, and how to see objects with their hands. A number of them came to us and frankly demanded to be taught to read and write. Even in the face of our refusal several children came to school and [Page 268] proudly showed us that they knew how to make an O on the blackboard.”
Taken from the Montessori Method by Maria Montessori.

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