The Toddler Tea Party!

Today the weather hit 12 degrees. It’s that time of year, cold and rainy. What else is there to do but have a tea party!
During our morning recess, we picked mint leaves from our garden.


We all thought they smelt sweet, minty, and so yummy. Some of us even decided to taste them.



Indoors, the excitement loomed as one child was washing our mint leaves at the sink, another child was choosing flowers to put in her flower arrangement for our table. The other children started to see what was happening, and spontaneously decided to join in on the fun. Chairs were brought, the table was washed, and the cups were set up. Finally, the scene was set, and the seats were quickly claimed. We sat down as our mint steeped in our tiny teapot. The children could hardly wait, so the pouring and the drinking followed very quickly.


Each child at the table took one sip and then gulped down the rest.


It was so delicious, who could resist that temptation. “ More please, more please” was repeated throughout our sophisticated tea party. Even those who did not join us stood by watching and even helping to clean up the spills from our zealous pourers. Alice would have given anything to have been apart of our tea party!

Here’s To many more tea parties to come……..


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Rooftop Playground - Yay!!

We’re thrilled to share the news of our playground expansion with you. The Casa children are now enjoying our new 2000 square foot rooftop playground. The space is incredible; it includes a 10 foot square sandbox, three playhouses, a climber with a “super fast yellow slide” and a spacious washroom, not to mention a fabulous view of Toronto’s skyline.

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