Drumming Workshop

This past Friday Westside welcomed Rick Monaco, drummer into the school for his ‘Magic of Rhythm’ workshop. The energy and excitement in all of the children was felt as soon as they came into the school that morning. Some of the children even remembered Rick from the last time he came.

A conversation at my dinner table that evening went like this:
“Dad, so this is how you drum.”
While my two children were hitting the table they chanted in unison “…low, low, low, high!”
My daughter then reminded her brother while informing us at the same time, “And you have to shake your head when you are drumming!”

Thank you Rick for your amazing workshop! We cannot wait to have you back!

Here are a few shots from the morning.


Rick Monaco Percussionist/Drummer

Rick graduated from Brock University with a B.A. in Theatre. It was through theatre that Rick cultivated an interest in drumming and percussion. Over the last twenty years Rick has performed for the National Ballet of Canada, the Just for Laughs festival, Cirque du Soleil opening night gala, the grand reopening of the AGO, and the Hudson Bay Companies annual meeting where his group involved all 1,500 people in an interactive celebration where each person played an instrument. He has facilitated his ‘Magic of Rhythm’ workshop for The Walt Disney Corporation in New York and L.A., BMG (British Music Group), The Living Arts Centre World Rhythms workshop series, the Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts as well as 4,000 displaced children throughout war torn Bosnia. For the last six years he has been working with The Royal Conservatory of Music’s Learning Through the Arts program. He has released three musical recordings; Magic, Circle and Shadows Dance, and has provided music for TVO’s Stuff, CBC’s The National, Instinct (an award winning short animation), as well as performing live for Cliffhangers Dora award winning production of Bluffers Moon. Rick is also an accomplished drum maker making drums from a variety of cultures.

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It is a rainy day outside…

…but you would never know upon stepping inside of the classrooms at Westside! I had the opportunity to take a walk around the school today and observe each classroom for a few minutes. In my travels I witnessed first hand the close knit community that we have built. You would never know that it is only the second week of school! The children in each classroom community were happily working away, whether it was on their own, beside or with a friend. There was that certain hum I hear when observing a community of children who are happy, challenged, driven, motivated, concentrating and love learning!

Take a peek. This is what Westside is all about!

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