Best Montessori School - What an honour!


The entire ‘crew’ at Westside is very honoured to be nominated by the readers of Parkdale-Liberty Villager Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Montessori School. Thank you to everyone who nominated us!


We love what we do!

Voting begins May 17th


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A Kind Gesture

I was in my office the other day after school hours and there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to a woman asking me if this was the Montessori School? I told her it was and she replied “Oh, fantastic! I heard about you from Richard (who runs the Community Garden that the School has had a plot at for 3 years) and he said that your School is such a lovely place. She began to reach into her bag as she was saying, “I want to donate a book to the School.” She pulled the book out of her bag. It was a signed copy of the Barbara Reid book ‘Picture a Tree’. This woman then went on to tell me how much she loves hearing the children from our School in and around the neighbourhood. Wow! How awesome is that! So, thank you Catherine for the book!
Catherine is coming in next week to read the book to each classroom. Pretty amazing!

Hello Jody,

Lovely to meet you. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m just around the corner on Camden. I’m a former Grade 1&2 teacher and organized readers in the Reading Room at Sick Kids for years with Judy Boville, librarian. It’s been great to see the children walking through the neighbourhood, always chuckling and observing life. I work from home now so it’s easy to pop in if that’s an idea. I really just wanted to donate Barb’s great new book to the school, and, as I said, now I’m a garden plot neighbour, we may see each other digging in the dirt, or something!



Catherine, thanks for visiting and sharing your story with us! We truly enjoyed it!

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