September came and went….

Our first month of school has come to an end already. The new children have settled in and are arriving to school happily and eager to greet their teachers and friends. I have had the pleasure of spending time in each of our three classrooms over the last few weeks and have been in awe of the goings on in each community. We are all looking forward to the coming months at WMS.

Parents often ask, “What does my child do all day?”. During their days at Westside, your child may be reading a book, baking banana bread, helping a friend tie her shoes, carrying out a multiplication equation, apprener le francais, or dancing their little heart out. The classrooms are very busy places and at times, all of the above activities and more are taking place at the same time! Gosha has captured some amazing moments over the last few weeks, enjoy…..
070.jpg, 065.jpg, 058.jpg, 057.jpg, 056.jpg, 049 (1)b.jpg, 048.jpg, 043 (1)a.jpg, 040.jpg, 028.jpg, 025.jpg, 023.jpg, 023 (1)a.jpg, 021.jpg, 020.jpg, 020 (1)b.jpg, 020 (1)a.jpg, 017.jpg, 017 (1)b.jpg, 015.jpg, 014.jpg, 010.jpg, 009.jpg, 009 (1)b.jpg, 007.jpg, 005.jpg,
003.jpg, 002.jpg, 006.jpg

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