The Second Plane of Development shining through our Casa

As we come back to school after the Winter Break and the children rejoice on the thrill of reuniting with friends, teachers and old and new materials in our beautiful environment, I sense that my two graduating students are showing signs of readiness for the next stage in their lives. Calla and Waverly are moving towards the Second Plane of Development (ages 6-12) as their skills and projects slowly show a mind that is attracted to imagination, exploration, planning, research and group work. They are slowly passing from a material, sensorial plane to a more abstract, intellectual one. We guided Calla towards making one of her creative ideas into a planned project that became quite a success.

After teaching her how to peel and slice a carrot, she proposed we could make a carrot salad. When I spontaneously asked her what we would need, she came out with some ingredients off her head (some of which she changed in her final recipe), immediately wrote them down, and that sparked the beginning of a solid project. To make it a reality, she had to sit down and seriously think about the ingredients and try to figure out costs of each item to come to a rough total. Prepared with a list and money, off we went to Loblaws to get all our materials. Calla and Waverly were in charge of the whole process: checking the list, pulling the shopping cart, picking the materials, emptying the cart and paying the cashier, preparing the salad in the classroom, cleaning-up, and then treating their friends with an “amazing salad”, Calla’s words to describe the yummy recipe that most of their peers ate and approved.

It is exciting to see these signs of growth and independence in Waverly and Calla, and also to see their peers’ admiration and glee. They become inspired by their creative ideas and skills to make them come true. Ginger told me that one day she will also be a graduate and she will prepare a dish for her classmates, lovely! Justin, Nate and Julius know they will be some of next year’s graduates, and a sense of fulfillment was evident in their excitement, as they came up with some ideas. The seed is planted, thanks to Calla and Waverly.

As I continue to support their journey towards this second stage in their lives, I still revel in the fact that they are with me a few more months and that together we will do exciting work. I will support their growth to let them go, but I intend to enjoy their company and ideas to the fullest. Off you go my little ones, but fortunately for me, not quite yet.


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