Geography Lesson

Last Wednesday, my friend, Craig, came in to speak to the Casa Classroom about his home country of New Zealand. He brought the children on an imaginary road trip from the northern tip of the North Island, down the coast to Auckland, next we continued down to Wellington. We then needed to drive our car onto a ferryboat to travel to the southern island. Our journey continued south along the eastern coast of New Zealand until we reached the southern coast. At this point, Craig had us all board an airplane and fly back to Auckland, where we needed to get onto another plane to arrive safely back in Toronto.

The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures Craig brought in to share with the class. The scenery in New Zealand is absolutely breathtaking. They loved pretending to buckle their seat belts, roll down their car windows, and crank up the tunes in preparation for our adventure. Pack your bags, parents of Casa children, because I’m not the only one dreaming of a trip to New Zealand!

February 7, 2009. Classroom life. No Comments.

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