The opportunity to join the WMS library field trip sounded like too much fun
to pass up.
Walking through the pouring rain, gleefully jumping in each puddle on our
path, we arrived at the streetcar stop and waited for our ride. Our
destination was the library, but the short journey on the streetcar seemed
to also present itself as a highlight of the trip. Once on board we were
greeted with smiles from the passengers, amused at the order and calmness of
our group. At the library, we were directed to the children’s area, rolled
up our sleeves and dug into the bins of books set aside for us. Some were
happy to sit and flip pages on their own while others favoured rearranging
books to their liking of the Dewey Decimal System. I was delighted to have
an audience of four and read them the latest board book penned for the
diaper crowd. The hour passed in what seemed like mere minutes and once
again we were on “the rocket” to take us back to familiar ground. The
adventure was exciting and fun, and I can’t wait to hear where we will be
going next!

Jasper’s Dad (Gerry)

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