“I did it!”



These three words seem to be a very common phrase currently in our toddler classroom. I can’t count the number of times I have heard these words uttered with the utmost of excitement and joy in the past week. Whether it is a child snapping the snap frame, using the tongs to transfer beans, putting on their own socks and slippers, or helping a friend to unzip their sweater. The look on their faces while expressing their accomplishments is priceless. And the bond that they have all developed over the past year as a group is something spectacular. It is amazing to me to see and hear a child of 20 months console their friend with a gentle touch and ‘Okay’.
The school year is coming to a close and the toddlers are growing up! Not only are they choosing their work freely, but they are taking it to a table, focusing and concentrating on the task, completing it, repeating it, and then putting it away back on the shelf (most of the time in the place they took it from!). They are setting their places for snack and lunch time and pouring their own glasses of water with ease. They are caring for each other, their classroom, and their school. Just this week a few toddlers helped me weed the garden out front of the playground and plant new plants in the planters. And we have one child who has taken to rubbing her friends backs to help them fall asleep for nap time. Sometimes she even hums a tune!
This is what teaching is all about, what friends are all about, what community is all about, what school is all about and what Westside is all about!

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