Crazy Canucks

Well, our first week of Summer Camp has come to a close. It was a busy week: we had a field trip to High Park, made cardboard beavers and Canadian Flags, tie dyed socks red, had a picnic at St. Andrew’s Playground and ended it all with a feast of Strawberry Shortcake Friday afternoon.

I think the highlight of the week was Thursday morning’s trip to visit Richard and Diane, whom the children know from the Alex Wilson Community Garden. The couple purchase maple syrup from local sugar bushes and turn it into extraordinary gifts, which look more like artwork than edibles. They were kind enough to welcome us into their establishment, gave us all some maple candy lollypops and we watched with anticipation as the maple syrup boiled to 132 Celsius “hot!” the children exclaimed. Once boiled, Richard carefully poured it into a mixer and fastened the paddle attachment. After about ten minutes of mixing, it had thickened enough to become maple sugar. The children were amazed at the chemical reaction the maple syrup underwent and thoroughly enjoyed watching (and tasting!) the process. We purchased each child a token gift of maple sugar which they are excited to share with their families. Thanks Richard and Diane. Their website is
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