Bonding with Bugs and Old Mac Donald…

During the past two weeks of summer camp the children have had a chance to experience animals big and small. Our visit from Bugs without Borders taught us all the importance of insects on our earth. Seeing, touching and feeling (and smelling!) all of these amazing creatures surely gave us all a new found appreciation for them.

After learning about insets we decided to take our knowledge out in the field (park). A trip to the Toronto Music Garden at Harbourfront proved to be a place to spot many flying and crawling creatures. Exploring up and down this beautiful garden in full bloom was quite an experience! And a little pit stop to have a look at the planes landing at the Island Aiport was a must.

Delighted with all of the insects, Week 4, Old MacDonald, began with a visit from two of Toronto’s Mounted Police Officers. The children often see the officers riding by while playing in the playground and were quite thrilled to have them stop in for a visit. (And we thought the bugs were big!)

Sticking with the theme on Wednesday we hopped on the Queen Street car and headed down to Nathan Phillips Square where the Farmers Market takes place weekly. Here were we met by Market Maria, aka Maria Solakofski who runs the Guerrilla Gourmet. Maria led us through a sensorial experience of the market, talking to us about the farmers and the food. Keeping all of the children completely captivated from start to finish, Maria ended our trip by teaching us a dance. We all formed a circle and learned the “Bee Dance”. Fluttering their wings, buzzing and shaking their bums the children flew back to the streetcar! Thank you Maria for such a wonderful time!

We ended the week with a trip to the Toronto Mounted Police Stable in the Exhibition Place. It was a rainy walk there, but we braved it. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Paul, the Stable Manager. Paul took us on a walk through the stables and introduced us to some of the horses. Lucky for us, because of the rain the horses were training in the ring and we were invited to go and observe.

The children were amazed and in awe at the horses and the officers and all of their ‘tricks’ (as the children called it). The ring is where there are a variety of obstacles set up that simulate real life situations, preparing the horses for what they may encounter on the streets of Toronto. Among these obstacles there was a smoke machine, a teeter-totter that the horses had to walk across, and a giant ball that the horses pushed around.

Paul explained that eventually, when the horses were comfortable pushing the ball they would begin to push people, simulating a mob that they may encounter on duty. All in all this trip has definitely been a highlight of Summer Camp and I would like to thank all of the officers for their hospitality!

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