How could I not want this for my child?


“I have been a montessori parent for the past 5 years, ever since the birth of my first child Chloe. I am grateful for the those wonderf├╝l years that she spent with Liz Girvan who taught her to be the passionate, respectful, caring, problem solver that she is today. It is because of the ways of Montessori that she has strived this far with all her hurdles in public school. Montessori, I find teaches the individual to be their own problem solver whether it is an exercise they are shown or an issue they may have with other peers. The children are not forced to do things they have no interest in and this approach helps build their confidence with almost anything. After hearing Trevor Eissler I have come to realize that this approach to learning makes so much sense in the upbringing of children in our educational system. We have made the right decision.”

Winlai Wong - Montessori Parent


As I write this posting today I find myself thinking deeply about Montessori, as I often do. Last week the Montessori community within our city had the unique opportunity to hear first hand a Montessori parent talk about Montessori education and its benefits. The quote above is from a parent who is part of our school community who, after upon hearing Trevor Eissler talk could not stop talking about the experience. In the words of her husband, “It really solidified for us the entire complete circle and how it all comes together.” That is it, the complete circle! Keep this in mind when reading further.

Just a little background about the speaker, Trevor Eissler.

Trevor has written a book that challenges the direction chosen by traditional schools and supports the choice of a Montessori education with passion and understanding. He is a father of three Montessori students, a pilot, a flight instructor, an author, a storyteller, a juggler, an unicyclist, a Toastmaster, a pianist, a triathlete, and a husband. Trevor wants to be a Montessori student when he grows up.

I had the unique opportunity to hear Trevor talk to a group of school Directors and Administrators. Trevor has a son who is 6, completing his final year in a Casa program. He spoke of the three year cycle and the importance of it, how the benefits of a child being part of one community, with generally the same peers, for 3 or 3.5 years cannot be equated to anything else.

Comparing it to all of these ’self-help’ books that adults are looking to for guidance to learn principles that we teach children in Montessori classroom every day is the part of his talk that really struck me.

Be proactive - A child in a Montessori environment, from the moment they enter is encouraged to take care of themselves. They are guided through life lessons enabling them to become confident individuals. They are encouraged to take a situation and problem solve, use their words and sort it out.

Think win win - Wow, this is a big one. it is not who is going to get there first or who is going to do it faster or who is going to win, it is how are we all going to do this together. How am I going to help my friend, teach my friend, mentor my friend to get to the same place I am at. How are we all going to win together.

Understand others then you can be understood - I cannot count the number of times a day I hear children saying “Please listen to my words” and then expressing themselves to a friend. In dealing with a dispute children in our community are encouraged to vocalize and work it out. You listen to your friends and understand them. It is at that moment when you can listen that you are ready to also understand what is going on inside of yourself.

Find something you love to do and do that - Now this is it. The icing on the cake. If we all were able to do this as adults life would be perfect! In the Montessori classroom children are driven by their passion and curiosity. They are then guided by the teacher to master this concept that has captured their attention. Children are able to do what they love. Upon being given this opportunity they develop a love for learning and strive to be the best they can be. How could you not want that for your child?

Thank you Trevor for your inspiring words.

You can order Trevor’s book, Montessori Madness by going to


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