Fire Station Tour

Last Friday the Casa Class went on a field trip to our local Fire Station. The weather was perfect; it felt like spring had arrived early for us. The children were so excited that they didn’t feel the walk from school to Station #332 at Adelaide and John Streets. When we got there, there were three fire fighters waiting for us, and they split us into three groups. This was really nice because children had the opportunity to be really close to the fire fighter and understand what they were showing us. untitled-2-1.jpeg, untitled-4-1.jpeg, untitled-3-1.jpeg,untitled-2.jpeg,untitled-3.jpeg,untitled-4.jpeg,untitled-5-1.jpeg,untitled-5.jpeg

Of course, the main attraction was the big red truck, and all of them had a chance to go inside. Later, two of the fire fighters came down the pole, which the children loved! At the end of our visit, one fire fighter got dressed in his safety clothes, showing us step by step each layer, as he wanted all the children to feel comfortable seeing someone in that outfit. If one day a child sees somebody dressed like that, they will know that it is a fire fighter who is there to help them and not to run away or hide from them. And let me tell you, it was a little bit scary even for me, when I saw the fire fighter all dressed making breathing noises through the oxygen mask… But the children were all brave and most of them approached and touched the fire fighter. It was a very important message for all of us. Lastly, I would like to say a special thank you to all the parents that were able to come along and make our trip so wonderful.

-Tatiana Monteiro (Practice Teacher from Montessori Teacher’s College)

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