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Community is a word we often use and it’s something we’re all seeing and becoming a part of at Westside Montessori School. I’d like to share a few stories and examples with you to give you a sense of the close connection our students are feeling towards one another.

Just this morning, Ally was “making music”; she’d taken out the basket of instruments and was banging away on the bongo drums. Of course, her classmates heard the rhythm of her beats and glanced over. One by one, her peers, starting with Aiden, tidied up their activities and approached her mat on the floor. The question, “May I please join you?” was repeated several times by a number of children, until we had a full music band: tambourine, maracas, drums, bells and a number of other instruments. The children were laughing, giggling, singing and having a wonderful time. The best part? They spontaneously, without instruction from their teachers, took the activity out and became a band of musicians all on their own. The pride and excitement on their faces was wonderful to see. Check out the photos from today.

Presently, our community includes Daniel, Sam and the other workers who are busy with our construction. The children love to say good morning to the construction crew, wave to them, watch them working through the windows in the office, shake their hands and share baked goods with them. Last Friday, in honour of Thanksgiving, the children baked oatmeal and raisin cookies to share with the workers to show how thankful we are that they are all working so hard to create a “bigger school for us”. As delighted as we all are that the construction will be over in the next few weeks, we know the children will miss the workers.

Lastly, we are excited to let you know that our community is growing. As many of you know, we have hired Allison MacNeil as our Toddler Teacher. Allison helped us out immensely during our set up week in early September and will be joining us full time in January. We have, just this week, hired an assistant for the Toddler classroom. Her name is Yonina Friedman. Many of the children had a chance to meet her last week as she came in for a morning to observe and get a sense of what we’re all about. She made such an impression; she was the topic of conversation at Ally and Cameron’s dinner table that evening!

We’d like to invite all current families and those who have enrolled for January to join us in two weeks, on Halloween Day, Friday October 31st, for a meet and greet from 9 until 9:45 am. Feel free to come in costume; we will! We look forward to introducing you all to Allison and Yonina, the newest members of our community.

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