A Little taste of Cirque for the Children at Westside

When approached by one of our parents and asked if we would be interested in having one of the Cirque du Soleil artists from the Totem show do our own special little performance in the park do you think we said no??? Obviously we jumped at this opportunity and anxiously awaited the phone call. Now having 45 children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years ‘on call’ for the performance was a bit of a challenge but we were definitely up for it! The call came and I ran into the school to let the teachers know that they could head over to the park.
Nakotah Larance was discovered by Cirque du Soleil through a video posted on YouTube by his father. He began hoop dancing at the tender age of four. Now he was giving a special show to the children at Westside, many of them the age he was when he began.

The Totem show explores the evolution of the human species going back and forth through time and space, exploring the dawn of creation, humanity’s amphibian origins and “its ultimate desire to fly,” unfolding on a stage “evoking a giant turtle” — undoubtedly inspired by the Iroquois creation myth, among several other tales that depict a world propped up by a giant tortoise.

If you did have the chance to catch it you may have heard one of the children from Westside Montessori in the audience shouting “Nakota! Nakota!” Nakota, you were a hit here at Westside and also an inspiration. Thanks for coming to share your talent with us. And Adria, thanks for making it happen!

November 1, 2011. Field Trips. No Comments.