On Friday we said goodbye to Melanie, as she is now off and preparing for the birth of her first child. The Casa North classroom and Toddlers, along with Yonina, Natasha, Davida and Gosha planned a surprise shower for Melanie in the Maud Street playground. Upon walking in to the school the morning of the surprise you could feel the excitement and anticipation. The children had done an amazing job all week keeping the secret. Now the trick was keeping the secret just a little bit longer and executing the plan. How could we get Melanie to leave the classroom so that the children could go into the playground to play out the official surprise? And how could we get her to go into the playground without realizing that her class was not in the classroom?
#1) Get Melanie to go to the office to talk to Jody.
#2) While Melanie is in the office going over final details of her leave and handing over the reins the children all gather in the playground.
#3) Call the office, “Yonina needs help in the playground right away!” Convince Melanie to go and help. Jody: “Do you want to go see what she needs?” Melanie:”Yeah, sure!”

So off she went!

(Now, if you are reading this post but have not been to our school before you should know that there are only 2 ways to get to the Maud Street playground, one way is through the Casa North classroom (Melanie’s) and one is through the Casa South classroom.)

Yonina, Natasha and Davida had thought of everything. Knowing that Melanie would instinctively go through her own classroom, (If she did, she would have seen that all of the children were gone) they locked the door so she couldn’t. Upon realizing that the door was locked, Melanie quickly changed her route and went through the Casa South classroom. I think these photos show that it worked!

Melanie, we wish you all the best! We are going to miss you and we can’t wait to meet your new little girl!
Love all of us at Westside.

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