Our Garden

From Day 1 here at Westside gardening and the outdoors has always been a very important part of the our culture. Being a downtown Toronto school this takes a lot of creativity. There is a Community Garden across the street from the School and we are plot holders. The garden is one of our favourite places, whether it be tending to the plants, checking out the insects, or listening to a story in the middle of it all.
Along with gardening and the outdoors, baking has also been a big part of our culture here at Westside.
So just a few weeks ago we spent a Saturday here at School, some of us manning a bake sale and some of us constructing planters to add a bit more garden to our days!
planting1.jpgplanting2.jpgplanting3.jpgbrook watering.jpggardeners.jpggarden inspection.jpgNoah picking strawberry.jpg

A special thanks goes out to all of our amazing parents who helped to make this project such a success! The children enjoy the garden each and every day, thanks to all of you!

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