The First Day of School

I bet many of you have been thinking about today; feelings of excitement, joy, even anxiety may have surfaced as today approached. Today marks the first day of school in over three decades that I am not in a classroom, as either a student or directress. Even though I’m not in the classroom, I did pop into the classrooms to get a glimpse.

I visited the Toddlers on the playground, overheard Zachary saying, “Bobby, Bobby”, then I watched a huge grin spread across his face as Bob and his mom approached the gate to the playground. Ethan spent some time walking around the playground, checking out the toys, the children and their beautiful garden. Around 9:45, the Toddlers were settling into their dining area for their group snack. It’s always amazing to watch the returning children set the examples for their younger friends. Bob, Silas, and Zachary expertly set their place settings while their new friends: Ethan, Levi, Isla watched and learned. Within a few minutes, they were all enjoying a delicious snack of quinoa puffs and yogourt.

Meanwhile, in Casa North, Hamza was practicing writing his numbers on a chalkboard, Sophia was laying out the Decanomial Square and Waverly was enjoying a new sewing lesson from Florencia. At the other end of the classroom, Jayden was busy helping Tahanna with the Trinomial Cube while Calla taught her new friend Ginger how to string beads and make a necklace. Julia and Noah took “un promenade” through the classroom together.

In Casa South, Marnie was taking care of the plants, Amelie was painting a picture and Lara read a new story to Alasdair. Jayden and Taylor enjoyed a snack together and then showed Matthew how to wash dishes. Claire and Chantal examined the pigeon skeleton at a table and Alice sewed buttons.

While there were a few tears at drop off, everyone quickly settled in, made some new friends, enjoyed a snack and worked with the Montessori materials. The next few weeks will be amazing to watch the new children’s comfort level grow as they settle into their new environments. We know we can count on our returning students to help them through this incredible transition.

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