Casa North’s First 3 weeks

Dear Parents:

The school year in Casa North is in full force on week three and we have
exciting news to share! Many of you have probably heard about our
“special lunches”. Children enjoy it very much and look forward to it
every week. It is special because we use “elegant” tablecloths and we
move the tables together so we can be closer to more friends. We also use
a beautiful napkin and we are learning to place it on our laps, (though it
might take a while for this to be successful). When we are all together,
we say a special poem to show our appreciation for the food and our
friends, and I light tea candles placed in votives. It also feels special
because Julia and I go around serving them food and water, which gives us
an opportunity to practice our beautiful Grace and Courtesy manners. We
have background music (mostly classical) and we have had a brief talk
about the composers and the kind of music we are listening to. I have
chosen Beethoven the last two lunches, Symphonies #1 and #6. Other
options will be Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos,
Handel’s Water Music, and Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik. Everybody
participates in some way during setup and this makes it even more special.

This event has become so important that some of our friends decided to bring
in flowers for our special lunch. I want to share with you the beautiful
arrangements they brought, and I thank them and their parents for this
lovely gesture. Our special lunch this Friday will be fantastic, thank

On another note, I would like to tell you that singing and dancing has
become quite an event in our classroom. We have learned an array of
songs, from Raffi’s Down By The Bay to The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. We
all sing and go through the motions, and I can tell by the enthusiasm that
children express, that we are really having a blast. I believe that music
is extremely important (after all, my two sons are professional
musicians!) so I will keep exposing the children to different musical
genres. For those who are interested, Raffi will have two concerts in
Toronto on December 2nd at Roy Thomson Hall.

Thank you for contributing to a great start of the school year!
Julia and Florencia

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