The Maud Street Garden Clean Up

It was a mild fall day today and a couple of the children and I took the opportunity to get into the Maud Street garden and start on the clean up.

The Maud Street garden was created out of an idea from Yonina, our Toddler teacher. She managed to corral a crew of parents on a weekend to help us build the garden in and outside of the Maud Street playground and organized a Bake Sale with the children to raise funds for plants and seeds.

Being an avid gardener myself I understand what being immersed in nature can do for one person’s health and well being, the connection to the earth, the community and the greater sense of life as a process. Since opening we have been members of the Community Garden across Richmond Street. The children enjoy the walk to the garden, the opening of the shed with the School keys, the neighbours that they see in the garden and most of all, that feeling they get when taking care of the plants. Maria Montessori said that “The best means of invigorating the child is to immerse him in nature.” That “when the children put a seed into the ground… the children are inspired with a feeling for nature…” This feeling radiates from the children when gardening. They are calm but excited, careful and cautious, intrigued and amazed. The children helped plant the gardens, helped take care of them for the season and now are seeing their project to the end, by helping in the clean up.

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