We Specialize In The Individual

Personalized Learning

Every child is an individual, captivated by different things at different times. We personalize your child’s learning experience by creating individualized lesson plans based on their interests, level of understanding and experiences. In this manner, every child is introduced to all aspects of our curriculum at the right time in their development.

Children who graduate our program will be prepared for the next step in their education, private or public, with a genuine love of learning. They will have an increased curiosity about the world around them and the confidence necessary to take on new academic and social challenges.

“Education is not just the imparting of knowledge but must seek the path to release the human potential.”

Maria Montessori, 1870-1952

Our Programs

(18-36 months old)

Our youngest students build their independence and self-care skills while living in community in our loving and supportive environments.

(3-6 years old)

Students build and strengthen their focus, concentration, and independence while working and socializing in our bright and spacious classrooms.

(6-12 years old)

Older children work collaboratively and enthusiastically while growing academically, emotionally and socially.

(12-14 years old)

Our eldest students pursue academic subjects, spend time volunteering in their community and run their own business through our production and exchange program.

“Both my kids have attended Westside Montessori and they’re learning and growing way above their age group, I couldn’t be happier!”

Amy Adams
Parent of Two Kids

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