Adolescent Program

Suitable for ages 12 to 14 years

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Course Content

Westside’s Adolescent program is geared for students in grades 7-8 and provides our eldest students the opportunity to pursue both academic study as well as to participate in adult life through taking on responsibilities within both the school and their greater community. Program goals include preparing our students academically and socially for high school while offering them experiences to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Our students run their own microeconomy, they plan and carry out their own business; allowing them to strengthen their skills in communication and math while also learning new skills including marketing, finance and entrepreneurship.

Areas of study include the Humanities, Language, Literature, French as a second language, Mathematics, Sciences, Production and Exchange and Community Work. Between tending to our onsite orchard and programming through the PINE Project, our students spend significant time outside connecting with and caring for their natural environment.


Our Core Objectives

Every child is an individual, captivated by different things at different times. We personalize your child’s learning experience by creating individualized lesson plans based on their interests, level of understanding and experiences. In this manner, every child is introduced to all aspects of our curriculum at the right time in their development.

Children who graduate our program are prepared for the next step in their education, private or public, with a genuine love of learning. They have an increased curiosity about the world around them and the confidence necessary to take on new academic and social challenges.

“Both my kids have attended Westside Montessori and they’re learning and growing way above their age group, I couldn’t be happier!”

Amy Adams
Parent of Two Kids

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